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## SESYNC_RecoveryExplorerApp

November 2017


[Ashton Drew]( (Shiny app code), KDV Decision Analysis LLC  
Gwen Iacona (prioritization model), University of Queensland  
Stephanie Avery-Gomm (uncertainty simulations), University of Queensland  
Richard Maloney (app & prioritization project leadership), New Zealand Department of Conservation  
Leah Gerber (SESYNC Endangered Species Recovery project leadership), Arizona State University

### Overview

This R Shiny application is a demonstration product to illustrate the value of visualizing complex decisions based on both recovery data and alternative possible prioritization values.  Our motivation was to facilitate conversations at the national level of USFWS about the allocation of recovery.  Particularly, we were responding to the stated challenges (1) to rapidly communicate the expected outcomes of alternative budget scenarios and (2) to compare the expected benefits of alternative possible recovery actions.  Importantly, the application does not dictate a required set of actions, but rather, given a budget and a set of management values, the application distinguishes "safe bets" from "risky ventures".  An important underlying assumption is that the objective is to ultimately recover all species.  The application aims to support this objective in an effective and efficient manner.

In this version of the app, some missing data values have been simulated or imputed for the purposes of providing a fully functional demonstration.  A decision to develop this application for implementation within USFWS, or other agencies making recovery decisions, would require (1) updating and standardization of the recovery data maintained by USFWS and (2) broader discussion of which prioritization values could be included.

### Documentation

The material in this Gitlab project include both the application and the associated documentation.  These are:

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