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update fonts on action quadrant

parent 81e3f7cc
......@@ -474,18 +474,18 @@ ui <- fluidPage(
h2("Opportunities for Outreach, Research, and Conservation Partnerships"),
h4("Explore how the distribution of plan costs and expected outcomes present different opportunities."),
h5("Explore how the distribution of plan costs and expected outcomes present different opportunities."),
helpText("The vertical and horizontal thresholds define quadrats (figure below) with different information value. They could define boundaries for action versus inaction, but could also highlight opportunities to pursue distinct actions. For example, low cost projects might offer an opportunity to involve smaller partners. High benefit projects might offer opportunties for synergy with other programs. High success projects might be well-suited to outreach and engagement activities, whereas high cost and low success projects are good candidates for research programmes to increase effectiveness. Set thresholds and display options below to view graphical and tabular summaries of the Recovery Plans by quadrant"),
img(src="ThreshholdKey.png",width = "200px", height = "200px"),
h3("Set thresholds"),
h4("Set thresholds"),
numericInput("qCost", paste0("Enter a Cost per Species threshold between ", dollar(round(min(datWIDE$Cost/datWIDE$SpeciesInPlan),0)), " and ", dollar(200000000), ":"), value=1000000),
sliderInput("qBslider", "Set the Benefit threshold:", min=min(datWIDE$Benefit), max(datWIDE$Benefit), value=median(datWIDE$Benefit)),
sliderInput("qSslider", "Set the Success threshold:", min=min(datWIDE$Success), max(datWIDE$Success), value=median(datWIDE$Success)),
sliderInput("qWslider", "Set a Taxonomic Weight threshold:", min=min(datWIDE$Weight), max(datWIDE$Weight), value=median(datWIDE$Weight)),
h3("Optional display features"),
h4("Optional display features"),
radioButtons("qRegionTaxa", "Which set of plans would you like to highlight?",
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