Commit cbea5d68 authored by ashtondrew's avatar ashtondrew

update credits tab

parent c77b27fd
......@@ -631,29 +631,10 @@ ui <- fluidPage(
tabPanel("Notes and Credits",
h2("Information about this Recovery Explorer Tool"),
HTML('<h5>This work is part of a broader a project sponsored by the <a href="">SESYNC Endangered Species Act Decision Support workgroup</a></h5>')),
h5("The data presented are for demonstration use only. We illustrate the unique perspectives and transparency gained by bringing knowledge and values together within decision analysis and simulation tools. For more information about..."),
h4(strong("...the project:")),
HTML('<h5><a href="">Dr. Leah Gerber</a> (project lead PI), Arizona State University</h5>')),
h4(strong("...the underlying models:")),
HTML('<h5><a href="">Dr. Gwen Iacona</a> (prioritization model), University of Queensland</h5>'),
HTML('<h5><a href="">Stephanie Avery-Gomm</a> (uncertainty simulations), University of Queensland</h5>')),
h4(strong("...the decision visualization tool:")),
HTML('<h5><a href="">Dr. Ashton Drew</a> (app development), KDV Decision Analysis LLC</h5>')),
h4(strong("...successful application of prioritization strategies at a national level:")),
HTML('<h5>Dr. Richard Maloney, New Zealand Department of Conservation</h5>'),
HTML('<h5><a href="">Dr. Hugh Possingham</a>, University of Queensland</h5>'))
HTML('<h5>This pilot Recovery Prioritisation decision support tool was built as part of a <a href="">SESYNC project</a> examining regional and federal support products for US endangered species, led by <a href="">Leah Gerber</a> (Arizona State University ) and <a href="">Mike Runge</a> (USGS). The Recovery Prioritisation Tool development was coordinated by Richard Maloney (New Zealand Department of Conservation ), the application was built by <a href="">Ashton Drew</a> (KDV Decision Analysis), the prioritisation code was written by <a href="">Gwen Iacona</a> (CEED, University of Queensland), the uncertainty analysis was developed by <a href="">Stephanie Avery-Gomm</a> (CEED, University of Queensland ). We thank the participants of the SESYNC working group for their input and support. Funding for this work was provided by SESYNC, ASU, USGS, NZ DOC, UQ, and KDV Decision Analysis.</h5>')
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